Good morning ladies, I’m finally sharing the post I had planned for last week–apologies on the delay.

This suede moto jacket has been in my closet for almost two years now and has gotten a ton of love.  It’s such a versatile piece and they keep bringing it out in more colours!  I love the tan (mine is “Midnight Toker”) but am also partial to the beautiful grey colour it comes in.


We are seeing so many shifts in denim, and I can’t help but be excited to pull out my flares again.  With the resurgence of a more straight-leg cut, I think we will be seeing more and more wide legs as we approach the end of the year.  I’ve kept a bunch of pairs in my closet over the years, and while I’m still a huge skinny jeans fan, am looking forward to diversifying my collection a little.

Before I go, I wanted to touch on my Grandpa’s passing again.  You girls showed me so much love, mainly through IG DM’s, and it really touched my heart.  Ironically, the night before my Grandpa passed away, I had broke my three day silence on IG Stories to just say I had been having a bit of a rough week the week prior and that nothing was actually wrong, so to speak, but I just didn’t feel uber happy nor pretending I was, on social (media).  When I posted that, it was after 11pm, I was feeling motivated and inspired (as I often am late at night) and like my mood was lifting.  Sadly, just nine hours later, I got the call that my Grandpa was in hospital and then an hour later that he would probably pass away that day.  I didn’t share anything on social media until almost a week later because I mentally just couldn’t.  When I shared a short IG Story on what had happened, the messages started pouring in.  I wasn’t sharing where I was for messages, I wasn’t sharing what had happened for anything other than information.  However, I truly, truly appreciate everyone that sent a message, condolences, virtual hugs and sympathies.

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s IG post, it was hard to open those messages, knowing the outpour of love, but also knowing how deep my sadness ran and that it would keep bringing me back to that.  I had to read the messages in batches and be ready to break down once I started opening them.  I haven’t felt like doing much and have had a hard time getting myself together.  Yesterday I felt a twinge of inspiration, which was a first in over a week and it felt good.  Feeling joyful feels wrong right now, and everyone keeps telling me to hold onto the memories, which I’m grateful for but also bring so much sadness knowing no new ones will be made.  When we celebrated my Grandpa’s life, the Officiant was amazing and the one thing she said that I keep coming back to was, ‘There is no way around grief, you must go through it… but grief is patient, and it will wait for you”.  My heart aches and tears fill my eyes when I recite that statement–it’s so true, and it sucks.

All that to say, thank you.  Thanks for messaging me, checking up on me, sending love and having me in your thoughts.  It’s meant more than you know, and I appreciate it and you.




Photography by Lisa Provençal.