Hey girls!  Today’s post is all about a very trendy style we’re seeing for winter: the metallic parka.

I will admit, when I went to wear this for the first time, Marco totally asked me if I was going to outerspace but I can handle it, this is such a fun piece to spice things up in the dreary winter.

Let’s talk about the new boots!  *starts jumping up and down*

Honestly you guys, I’ve been coveting these babies for close to four years and am so excited.  They are really fluffy inside and super warm–think a brand new pair of Uggs, a thick, soft shearling.  The wedge inside is a great height and I sprayed them like crazy with a waterproof spray before we went outside.

As for sizing, I went with a 41–I was able to find only one review about sizing after scouring the interwebs and it said French sizes run a tad small, so to size up.  I’m usually a 10 in Canada, and my (Italian) Golden Goose sneakers0–for reference–are a 40 a perfect fit.

The one thing that surprised me is how wide and roomy these boots are.  I have always loved the way they looked with the wide open ankle, but saw many photos of girls wearing them tied tight.  Now I know why: they need to be tied up to secure your foot inside.  I was walking around the house in them for hours and my feet were flopping when they were loosely tied up.  Whereas the dupe pair I purchased three years ago were so tight they hurt my feet for the first two years and had a seam that ran over the front of my foot that would not stretch out.  I actually wasn’t able to wear socks with those ones until this year without getting really sore feet.

As for actually wearing them in cray weather, I’ll definitely be selective.  Yesterday was a super slushy day, so I wore the dupes and was glad I did–but when it’s really cold and dry, these will be so perfect to keep me toasty.  In fact, when we shot these photos, my feet were incredibly warm and it was about -20C.  #brrrr


As far as metallic parkas are concerned, this is definitely just a fun trend for this year, which we may or may not see bleed into next.  If you’re looking to jump on board, I wouldn’t spend a ton of something like this, it’s definitely something you can get inexpensively and just have fun with it for the season.  Case in point:  this one is only $30!

As for the rest of the outfit, it’s an easy, casual look that I would wear on the weekends to run errands or just head out of the house to meet up with a girlfriend during the day or shop.  I paired it with the red beanie for a pop of colour but a neutral would be just a great.

Honestly, winter dressing here is not easy–you’re bundled to the nose, footwear gets ruined and it’s frigid.  When looking up winter outfit ideas on Pinterest, I’m seeing girls in beanies, jackets and pumps.  It’s really unrealistic for those of us that deal with the snow.  I shared a winter look last year but when it comes to sharing style inspo on the blog, I’m always torn–this meme is a perfect depiction (and makes me lol!).  I want to showcase fun ideas for inside, but real talk, it’s damn cold out and we gotta dress for this weather!

Anyway, I hope you girls are having a great week thus far, two days & counting till that weekend!




Photography by Lisa Provençal.