Turns out I ate a lot this weekend… since my photos don’t really give a full weekend recap, I will share that on Friday I went out with some special friends, Saturday I lazed around and then ran errands before having a take-out+movie night in, and Sunday was productive with a big breakfast, errands and a family dinner.  You?

1.  (Casual) Friday’s outfit for work.

2.  Friday night dinner: grilled veggies (onion & zuchinni) and chicken on a soft bun with home made sweet potato fries (not shown).

3.  Saturday morning breakfast: banana Nutella crepes (again).

4.  I cut up my first pineapple, ever which also was my ‘green’ item for my #febphotoaday.

5. & 6.  Sushi lunch with coworkers on Friday.

7.  Saturday night Indian take-out.

8.  Spicy wings at Friday’s get together (+ Dance Central for xBox Kinect, not shown).

9. & 10.  Sunday morning breakfast: chicken bacon (a first, and not bad), over-easy eggs, rosemary sweet potato home fries & fruit.

11.  My Grammy gave me three of her china tea cups (I got to choose my favourite three, aren’t these beautiful?  And so sentimental, the best part).  

12.  My favourite pup.