Yesterday while at Walmart I couldn’t resist these two Revlon nail polishes.  Now it should be known that I’m a bit of an OPI snob.  Since starting to purchase the brand over two years ago, I’ve rarely bought anything else (except the odd Wet’N’Wild and Rimmel colours here and there).  Now that’s not to say I’m constantly buying nail polishes.  Au contraire.  At $10 a pop, I have to be selective of which colours I purchase because it’s like a treat when I purchase one.  All that to say, I bought these ones for $4 (we’ll see how long they last). 

When I buy nail polish, I always look at the brush.  I like fat brushes (aka, less swipes per nail) and was immediately turned off by Revlon’s thin brushes.  However, I said to myself I shouldn’t discriminate (haha) and decided to purchase.  With freshly painted nails, I’d say the brushes aren’t terrible, the formula goes on very smoothly and offers great coverage.  I also found it dried a bit quicker than OPI.  I did two coats, plus a base and top coat (Rimmel 60 second top coat). I love the pewter colour, and did my left ring finger in a more silvery colour.  Know what I love even more?  The price.


DIY Manicure 

PS – Hand shots are soo awkward.  Seriously.  I’m like, ‘Are those my hands? Ick.’  Also, I’m definitely a nail biter but have been on-and-off letting my nails grow for the last year (I even had long nails at my wedding – and they were my own!).  However, I’ve been stressed lately and in turn, ruined my nails.  Bah humbug.