{ the day I received the box I snapped these photos with my iPhone as I opened it up }

When one of my closest blogger friends Sharon told me she wanted to send me something in the mail, I was intrigued and excited.  Well, the package has arrived and let me tell you, girl spoiled me something good!  First off, she spent $27 in shipping costs alone, isn’t that wild?! Isn’t that so generous?!  I know!  Secondly, she sent me a whole box full of goodies.  Not just one or two things, a whole box full.  She decorated the inside of the box with magazine models (you can see in the pic above) and wrapped everything up in her signature print: Hello Kitty.  I can’t believe everything she sent me.  It’s ridiculously generous.  We’ve never met in person (hopefully someday we will), I’ve ‘known’ her for just under a year, but we’ve become great friends.  She lives in Hawaii, me in Canada, it’s like worlds apart, yet, I feel so lucky to have made such a great friend through this amazing place we call the blogosphere.   

Sharon, thank you so much for these gifts, I love them all so much!

{ Maui cookies – they are so good }

 { Hawaiian lotion, chocolates & chips, some cute sticky notes & black ankle socks (not pictured) }

{ cute vest she sent with great crochet-like detail at the back }

 { la piece de resistance:  Jeffrey Campbell sandals!!  

My first pair ever!  Isn’t Sharon the best?! }

Now that you’ve drooled over the amazing Hawaiian goodies and been saying to yourself, ‘Wow, Amanda is so lucky to have such a great Hawaiian friend’, head over to Sharon’s blog and show her some love (and tell her to get better because she’s been under the weather the past couple days).