Being Neutral

Gap cardigan, Sirens top, H&M skirt, Aldo pumps (last seen here),

Ardène necklace, Swatch watch (last seen here) & Michael Kors bracelet

We all know that these are my non-wedding shoes now, so, that gives me free reine to wear them whenever I want.  Someone suggested I return them, but that’s not gonna happen, I love them too much.  Someone else commented also saying (more like screeching), ‘Howwww on earrrrrth do you waaalk in those shooooes?!’  I told them practice makes perfect.  Eat it.

One more thing, I’ve been wanting to shoot by this building for some time, it’s super close to the graffiti wall, but everytime I went by, there were tons of people around, making it quite awkward to bust out a photo shoot.  This day wasn’t much different but I said, ‘F-it’ and shot away.  Who cares!