Private Property

  Gap denim jacket (thrifted) (similar here), Lily Pulizter top (last seen here), H&M skirt (last seen here),

Dynamite belt, wedding shoes*, Kathy van Zealand bag & uknown bangles

On my way home, I was looking for somewhere different to take some photos and decided the entry way to a golf course would be great.  Wrong.  Since it was ‘prime time’, most staff were leaving (either that, or there were a lot of golfers in today’s dreary-rain) and people would literally come to an almost-complete-stop and stare at me.  Awkward much?  I even had three people stop to see what I was doing and two to tell me it was private property – okay thennn.  So I took my camera and bolted.  I won’t be going back there again.

On a side-note, I bought this jacket last week from the thrift store in my quest for a DIY.  Once I got the jacket home and washed it, I realized I loved it too much to ‘trash’ it with my planned DIY.  So, I’ve decided I will use a different jacket from my closet.  So stay tuned.

 * these are my | future | wedding shoes! 

I know, I know, but they need to be broken in, sadly. 

Thankfully I’m breaking them in too because they are killing my feet

{ there is a hook & eye for this top, as you can see, but I prefer it left open }