Wedding Fund Forgive Me for I Have Sinned

{ Anne Michelle, Imortal Sandal }

Well, I caved.  After not buying a single pair of shoes for three months (!), I could no longer resist when I layed my eyes on these ones.  As some of you know, I have a small shoe obsession… some may call me a collector… so refraining from buying shoes for over 90 days is a helluva long time.  I average several pairs per month but since I’m saving hard core for our August wedding, I’ve been trying to repress the shoe shopping addiction.  I’ve been good, up until now (forgive me JM). 

Now, as far as me wearing these beauties, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just give you an outfit post with these in them.  Well, as previously mentioned (over a month ago, I might add) I hurt my back and it’s still not better.  I’ve been avoiding the gym, stretching, trying not to do anything too strenuous for my lower back but I’m still in discomfort.  So, I’m conducting a lil’ experiment: no heels for two weeks.  I’m on the second week and for a girl that wears heels (almost) everyday, it’s getting tough to rock my outfits with the same feeling I get when in heels.  Nonetheless, it’s for a better cause and hopefully will provide the results I yearn for (a back-to-normal back).  So, until next week, these beauties will find a place on the (shoe) shelves and there they will remain until their time comes.