My BBFF Jamie from GLAM LATTE has gifted me with a blogger award (thnx JW!).  Last time, I listed some facts about myself and this time the rules are no different:  I have to list 7 things about myself and then nominate a few other bloggers for the award.

1.  I’m chronically late.  It’s terrible.  I’m trying to fix it.

2.  My nails are always painted, including toes (even in the winter, just like JW)
3.  One of my good friends (AT) just got engaged and I’m sooo happy for her/them!
4.  For work, I prefer skirts to dress pants.
5.  I steam everything and steam everyday.  Okay, not my socks.  (What? I don’t like creases)
6.  I’ve purchased my wedding shoes (!) and have been instructed to, ‘break them in’ …but isn’t that cheating?!
7.  I’m more of a necklace person than an earring person.

Nominations go to:

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie

Sharon @ elisharon

Julianne @ Lace and Leather

Angeline @ Confessions of a Miami Shopaholic

Amy @ Junghwa by Amy Stewart

Louise @ Fifth Sparrow

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